Thursday, May 31, 2007

10 Reasons u shud not pissed off any woman!!

Found out this old blog in my other blog... very funny and wanna share it again!!! hope u all LOVE it!!!


2. No breakfast, No lunch, no dinner will be served! Which also means - eat yourself! - don’t piss off the woman who cook your meals, literally means your mom, your wife.

3. Say bye bye to your hard earn bonus that you’ve just got, because you are going to pay off your credit card bills, because you pissed of the woman who is holding your sub card, she went shopping happily to release her angry-ness

4. No one wash your cloths, your pants, your underwear - unless you have a maid.

5. She flame you, blog bad things about you, curse you, let everyone know what you did to her in her very famous blog, all her readers support her, sama sama flame you, blog you and curse you.

6. she tell all her friends/your friends, you got small and short ‘brother', and cant last long.

7. Because she will ‘meat' (pinch) you - especially your gf.

8. She ignore you when you talk to her, you end up talking to the air and being idiot.

9. You sleep at the couch, caught a cold and sneeze like no tomorrow.

10. She will remember it and kill you 15 years later.

So, one good solution - TURN GAY and STAY ALONE!

Did I piss off any woman with this entry?

Thx CELY !! u rox!!!! i love it!!

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