Thursday, May 10, 2007

papa...I Love You

early this morning, as usual, i woke up late(again), go toilet for around half an hour, pee and wait for poo(if i do not poo, i dont feel happy with my tummy one=P)
then bath bath, then take breakfast.

this is the important part, if papa is not around, sure i have NO breakfast! but most of the time, papa is HERE!! hhehehehe... he always prepare very nice and delicious breakfast for me and my brother. he prepared western style most of the time, hotdog, egg, instant noodle, SPAGHETI!!!
it's all taste so good!!! the LOVE~ hahahah...

this morning, when i'm having my breakfast alone on the dining table, mummy is taking bath, papa fast fast go into his room, and gave me $$$$!!!! i was @@ surprised + stuned + dont know what to do... just keep quiet there. why he suddenly gave me money?
since i start to work until now, he never give me any $$ ....

oh! maybe he feel 'guilty' and he knows VERY WELL how i use my money~ as he was my 'sponsor' once upon a time ago~ hehe...

apart from that, he bought me slimming product also, for drinking one. so touched~ although this showed i'm getting fatter already, but this is a SOFT way he asked me to keep fit~ so touched~ felt so touched the whole day~

papa, although this coming weekend is mummy's day, but i suddenly felt like wanna wish you an early happy papa's day~~~ mucks~~


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