Saturday, June 16, 2007

Learn From Parents (Jokes)

Last few days, I was kena complaint by one of my net fren, a very nice but rude person(joking),
Dear Jimmy (he's a hair stylist at one of the salon at Taman Connaught, Beautrium if I'm not wrong).

Very weird that day, he went and read my OLD BLOG POSTS at friendster. Then he left me a msg something like this :

"hem u r!!! cheat ppl go ur own blog r??? itu cerita write half, dun1 write half, har... den ask ppl pergi ur blog sana 2 c the 'part 2' of the cerita wo... this stil not cal cheat ppl r??? har... macam the paper avday say lidat... SCAM ar??? lure ppl go 2ur blog der... buat apa??? what's the point??? den, hoh... u punya blog der ar... al oso chinese words wo... Walao eh~ cannot lidat mah... what happen if a banana, neh... those ppl baca eng, nv baca chinese 1 leh... read ur story sampai half at ur frenster blog, den u ask him pergi 2 itu "al chinese words blog" he sesat jalan der 1 mah... tak dapat find the story... n the only thing he can buat ialah click the "X" at the upper rite hand side corner of the WINDOWS... he banyak cham 1, u tau ma??? u really memang very bad ke lo... ini macam... mana boleh o!!!
ppl cal u... discrimination ar...
haiz... saya dun hv eye 2 tengok la..."

Well, the so-called "Banana" he mentioned is actually people like HIM! He's English educated one~ so he can't read chinese ^^

After being complaint by him, then only I realized I really forgotten that I still have a Part2 story not yet complete. And now only I have the intention to continue my Part2 story.
(SHIT! It's been long time I didn't blog in english, I found out my english sucks dy!! ><) Ok, Back to the topic. I guess some of you guys might missed out my Part1 story, never mind, don't be so sad. To know what I'm talking about in my Part1 story, Click Here!
BUT BUT BUT! Before you click that, I want to remind you... If you're ANTI FOUL LANGUAGE person, please do not go and click it. it sure will make you feel uncomfortable, BUT it's damn funny, it's a waste if you do not read it!

Part2 starts here... (The complete one, caused I have totally forgot what I've actually planned to write at first =P)

One day, there's aHubby & Wife, & they have own a small little boy themselves, their ANAK KANDUNG la! Bukan apa luar nikah punya...

Then, this Hubby & Wife was actually LOVE to speak in foul language when they are on fire. But they're good parents, they always try their best not to speak it in front of their naive little son.

Day by day, years by years, as we all know, sure some times, those hubbies and wifes would have some arguements and quarrelling, so are this Hubby & Wife.

One day, (I'm very long gas la... -.-|||) ONE DAY!!!
This Hubby & Wife cannot tahan each other anymore, the Wife scold the Hubby :"You BASTARD!"
As in return, the Hubby scolded back :"You BITCH!"

So bad, they have forgotten that actually they are sitting just next to ther very naive and innocent little son.
The Son asked :" Daddy Mummy, wht does bitch and bastard mean??"

The Hubby & Wife was abit out of words and don't know what to say but looking at each other.
Suddenly, the Hubby said :"It means 'Ladies & Gentlemen', my dear son."

The Son :"ooohhh... thanks Daddy, you're so lovely." Then keep on playing with his toys.

END! (for day1)

The Son, was actually sleeping in the same room with his parents, the Hubby & Wife.
One night, this couple making love in the middle of the night. Half way, dont know what happened, they start to quarrel again. The voice was actually can wake their son, and they didn't notice about it.
Hubby :"Your TITS are so small and I have no interest on them anymore!"
Wife :"HUH! You think you have a big ASS! You're not!"

The next morning, when they're having breakfast together (I guess it was a Sunday la..) on the dining table. Suddenly, the Son asked :"Daddy, what does TITS & ASS mean?"
the Hubby almost tercekik when he heard the question.
The Wife very fast (without thinking i assume...) answered the Son :"It means CAP & COAT, my dear son."
The Son :"oooohhhh..." continued his breakfast.

END! (for day2)

I guess it was another Sunday again, the Son woke up and saw his father shaving his misai in the bathroom. He felt so funny looking at his father.
The Hubby didn't realize the Son was actually looking at him from behind. Very unfortunately, he hurt himself while he's shaving his misai "SHIT!" He said.
Son :"Daddy..."
Hubby :"WHAT?!" Got a big shock!
Son :"What does SHIT means?"
Hubby :" (die..) erm.. it means SHAVE my dear son." continued shaving his misai.
Son :"Oooohhh..." Then he walked downstairs and looking for his mum.

In the kitchen, the Wife is cutting the chicken for their breakfast or lunch(I'm not sure).
Same like just now, the Son "peeking" his mum from behind.
Wife :"FUCK!"
Suddenly the Wife shout very loud!
Son :"Mummy, what happened?"
Wife :"(smile very lovely) It's ok son, I ter-cut my finger."
Son :"Mummy, just now u shout FUCK, what does it mean?"
Wife :"-.-|||||||"
Son :"Mummy, so... what does it mean?"
Wife :"It means CUT, my dear son."
Son :" Oooohhh...."

END! (day3)

Here comes Day4!
They were having a birthday party for the Son at their house.
Many guests came on that day, but so bad the parents were too busy to layan them.
So, the naive little innocent boy act like an adult, start to speak...
"Bitches & Bastards, please take off your TITS & ASSES, and have a seat yourselves, make yourselves at home. My daddy is SHITTING in the toilet and my mummy is FUCKING the chicken in the kitchen. They are busy, but will come out layan you guys later ^_^"


Walau eh~ so long time didn't type in english, some more a long one~
It's all becaused of YOU! JIMMY!! heiyer~!


  1. i think she put in a lot of effort in writin completin the uncompleted TITS N ASS story so, i really
    feel guilty n a bastard if i dun write an equally good comment bk...

    so... 10q, this is an incredibly funny story... ok

  2. i think she put in a lot of effort in writin completin the uncompleted TITS N ASS story so, i really
    feel guilty n a bastard if i dun write an equally good comment bk...

    so... 10q, this is an incredibly funny story... ok

  3. aiyer~ sooooooooooooo surprise to see ur reply ler~
    u happy mou? i purposely type an ABC style post for u ler~
    gam dong mou???