Monday, December 24, 2007

Turn Back Time

Hehe~ Merry X'mas To Everyone Again~ I'm now having FUN at my cousins house, having a small small BBQ with their other friends. So bad their PC don't have Chinese input... It's quite hard for me when typing this entry... I need to "Translate" all the sentences from Chinese to English.... Very challangeable for me... It's been a long long time I have not translate.

Well, the main purpose I write this post... is to show you guys some precious things of mine, pictures when I was still a small little tiny mini girl~ Miss those dasy so much... Most of the pic was taken when I'm celebrating my two-year-old at Taiping, my aunty's house. Miss thier house so much now... And miss Taiping so so so muchie now... Quite a long time I have not step to my kampung since last April I think... Yeah~ I was born in Taiping ^_^

Anybody same Kampung with me? Don't ask me which Taman I'm staying... I don't know!!! XD
For those who live in Taiping or come from Taiping... I tell you... I live at the Taman at the first left junction once you pass by the 1st bridge... I don't know my describtion right or not... As this is what I remember la ~ heheheheh~

OK! Don't want talk nonsense anymore la, let me show you guys those pictures~

riding riding

Mid-Autumn Year1988

Daddy & I

Mummy & I

I HATE Snow White!!!

HEHEHE~~~My Naked Pic!!!!

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