Sunday, February 24, 2008






> Dear all,
> You must have wondered why I asked of Carrie's help to send the
> following message to all of you. Please take serious note in what I
> am going to tell you here. I would say that yesterday was a lucky day
> to me, if not, I wouldn't be here alive to send this email out to you
> or to celebrate CNY open house to some of you who will be coming
> tonight.
> I went to One Utama Shopping Mall yesterday after Tesco. Time was
> around 1pm. I parked my car at the old wing, B1 level near the Arena
> food court. I did a reverse parking and my car was indeed very near
> to the food court entrance. Those shoppers who went in and out can
> see me in full view. Exact parking location was D4, in 3rd or 4th
> plot where the car turn in. It was indeed very close to the entrance.
> As I came down from my car, I saw these 2 malay young adults walked
> towards me. I did not bothered at all cos I thought they were
> shoppers who want to collect their cars. I then went to the trunk to
> check on a bottle of clorox i bought in Tesco cos I was afraid the
> liquid may be spilt during the driving. It only took me a few second
> to put up the clorox bottle and then I closed the trunk, I had not
> locked the car yet. Suddenly the 2 malay came very near me and took
> out a 1 foot long parang and pointed at me. I gave them my handbag.
> But that was not enough, they asked me to unlock the car and wanted me
> to go inside the car. They said "jangan bising, masuk kereta, cepat."
> At that point I was struggling, the car was actually still unlock.
> They commanded me a few times to unlock the car, so in the moment of
> confusion, I pressed the button and I actually locked the
> car. They repeated their sentence asking me to
> unlock the car, and one of the Malay with parang was pushing towards
> the driver side. In panic, I pressed the remote, this time the car
> was unlocked. The malay with parang then openned the car door trying
> to push me in. I looked at the situation, due the driver's side car
> door was openned and there was another car parked beside my car, I
> only had a very narrow path to escape.
> Worse of all, I was afriad that half of my body might bang the car
> door and instead of running forward and out i would actually be pushed
> back to the robbers who stood beside me.
> I prayed very hard in my heart. Canny Ong's case came into my mind.
> I can't go inside the car, I kept telling myself, that was the worst
> thing to do.
> I prayed and prayed then I looked at the robber with parang, I noticed
> that he was looking down somewhere, the other robber was standing next
> to him. I saw the narrow path, I knew I must somehow get myself out
> of the path. In a split second, I seized the opportunity and run,
> thank God, somehow I managed to squeezed thru the gap and run out
> towards the crowd. I did not know how I did it.
> Many people saw what happened to me. There was a lady grabbed me and
> tried to clamed me down. I do not blame those people for not doing
> enough to help me cos everyone was in panic and with a parang the
> robber can harm me in situation like that.