Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sorry for not picking up any of your calls. I just don't wanna talk about it now.

In this moment, other than office calls, I don't feel like wanna asnwer any other call.
Because I need to be alone, I want some silent.
I need to think deeply what should I do, and what I should't do that will cause me regret in the future.

My next step, is a very important step in My 22 years of life.
I have to be very careful and rational in making decision.

When I think it's the time to share with You, I'll call You for sure.
Don't feel angry or mad or worry about me, I'm more than fine here. Just I'm not good.

Things are getting worse or better now, I'm also not sure.
I just know the situation's keep on changing, changing and changing. Well.... As usual...
I have and need to make sure myself to catch up everything before I miss out anything.

It's another harsh time for me now. Can You give me silent support? By sending me a lovely SMS or just a simple Email? I'm sure I'll be full of energy after reading them.
I just don't wanna talk.
Because I know, for sure I'll cry if I hear Your lovely and sweet-soft voice.
How I wish I can lean on Your shoulder now, and cry as loud as I can.
Just like few years back, when I was deeply hurt in the Heart, You gave me Your shoulder, and gave me silent supports.

"Wu Sheng Sheng You Sheng" ---> No sound won sound! Ha!
(what a f*cking stupid direct translate)


  1. honey~!
    Everything will b all right de~!
    Rainbow is always after the RAIN...
    Whenever u need help, support, shoulder, or even a hand for u to hold to cross the road... no matter what i will always by ur side n still always b there for u...
    加油 and all the best ya~
    miss u~

  2. erm...ok^^
    Just follow ur style lah~
    bcs u make desicion already...