Wednesday, September 30, 2009


今天,无意间在我的Facebook Profile看到了一些……我不懂叫什么啦。就那些Tarot啊,星座运程的。

Daily Tarot Card

The Hanged Man Reversed
Movement. Becoming unstuck and moving forward. Consideration of viewpoints and attitudes of others. Period of suffering ending. Ready to get on with things and back in the game. An opening of mind and heart. The end of a difficult time or cycle. Illumination. The way out has been discovered and is ready to be acted upon. Conformity. Allowing other's opinions to overrun your own. Things are turned upside down, but may appear right-side up. Look closely to discern how things really stand.

Tiger Horoscope
Big financial changes are coming. A business partner or associate is going to plug you into a very lucrative deal. You'll want to share some of the windfall to buy yourself some time to spend with your family soon. Just get the deal in writing before you lay down any of your own cash.
嗯,我打算请家人吃Pasta Zanmai。写下来写下来~

Virgo Horoscope
If you have a choice between two investment or spiritual advisors today, choose the more sensitive, nurturing individual. Anyone who comes across too forcefully or aggressively could be bad luck for you in the end. Avoid taking advice from male family members today.

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  1. LOL...then try to look for other guys advice...