Monday, December 21, 2009

My Territory

I THINK... I consider quite free today, as I have to take lunch alone today. And (for now lah) my lunch is a cup of hot Milo. Later on I don't know will I go downstairs and buy bread to fill-up my empty stomach or not =P
Luckily this morning Papa prepared quite a heavy breakfast (for pieces of breads, with ham & cheese, heavy kan!) for me, so I still can tahan. If not... ngek ngek ngek *grinning*

Since I'm alone, with nothing much to do (actually got, but I'm being so lazy today, as today is Monday Blue, and the thing I need to do I had been revising for don't know how many zillion timessssssssssssssssss previously! Feel so reluctant to do it now!! >.<) ...
Opppsss, back to the topic~!
Since I'm alone now (=P), I started taking pictures in the office room, which I not dare to do it when people is walking in and out of the room... You know lah =P

I've shown you guys my so called territory before, I'm now shift to another place (in the same room). Previously, I consider quite a 'lonely' person as I always facing people with my back =P
Even when people came to my place and burn the DVDs (DVD burner is just next to me), I still face them with my back.. Okay, part of the side view of me lah. Tee hee ~

Nowadays, I need to talk/deal/work/co-operate with many people from different departments and companies, quite a 'drastic' (Okay, I'm being too exaggerate =D) changes for me. So far so good, I am quite enjoying the working environment now, though there's sooooo many fake people surrounding me. It's understood lah, who doesn't need to geh geh in their working place, aite?

All we need to do is just do our own parts, don't gossip too much (yeah, but still can gossip!! It's everyone's favourite part in the office mah!). Be responsible, be workaholic, be fake, be cute, be fun, even if you wanna be a devil, you need to act like an Angel! This is one of the way to survive in a (big/small) company~!

Opppsssyyyy... I'm too far away agen~ =P

Well, the main purpose of this post is just to show you guys my new territory which bring a 'drastic' changes to me =D
Here, 'read' the pictures below, they say a trillion words~

Basically, this is how my table looks like everyday
The picture above consider tidy compare to the time when my table is filled with recycle papers, unknown papers, pens, pencils, eraser, rulers, calculator...
Don't ask me why so many things
I have no answer for myself too
Anyhow, we've had a gotong-royong session few weeks back
our office room looks more tidy now
Thanks to everyone's effort
tee hee
Yes! I'm in Christmas Mood already! Since many many many days ago~!
and Yes!
I've a few pieces of Pinkish things on my table
I'm loving them so much~!

Can you spot the brownish color boxes at the far end on left?
It's my "ex-place"
The white color thingy next to the boxes on the left is the DVD burners
My "ex-place" is now more like a 'store room'
Pity me
All the while I'm sitting IN the store room

The Panorama view
On my left is Kelly Chew
On Kelly Chew's left is Janet Ho
On Janet Ho's left is Wall
Opposite us is Chooi Mei
tee hee
The door which you see hanging a red thingy one
That's the entrance to our room
Next to it is our Manager cum COO's room
Mr. Danny Leong (brother of the CEO - Damien Leong)
I introduce till quite details hor
Don't kidnap them or anyone of us
We are POOR
I mean it!

On my right
I can see all the view downstairs
So syiok
But they're not Green enough to rest my eyes
Oh ya
see the silver car's turning in
Normally If I reached office after 11am
That's my 'illegal parking lot'
tee hee
Please DO NOT learn from me
This is not a good thing to learn

Besides the view outside
There's still a lot of things on my right
Water dispenser, printer cum scanner cum photostat machine, pantry, TV...
I seldom watch the TV

On my back
It's fax machine and another sap har sap har printer
well, all electronic machines in my office
we need to communicate with them
for example
the printer cum scanner cum photostat machine on my right
It's my friend
I used to talk to it ALWAYS
After talking for few mins
It works!
Amazingly =D
Don't say I'm crazy
They really do have feelingssssssss too
They are more sensitive than we human being!

Some filesssssss
Leave forms

Below the air-cond
are all of the awards my company got from those previous events
Not much

Such a long post just to introduce my new territory =)
Have a nice Monday~! Half more day then can go home~! Hooray~!

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