Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shooting Day

22nd December 2009
Depart from office at around 11a.m
Went KL city for shooting
A Greeting ID
It's for a New Year Eve program usage
Will send to China for editing
So bad
When we were back from lunch
All the scenes we shot all useless
As China's need NIGHT VIEW

We did have a LITTLE bit fun during the shooting session
under the Hot Hot HOT sun!
Spot Me =D
Wrong speech
everyone gone crazy

You might find me looking very nerdy
can be describe as
No Face Expression
but a Fake Smile :|
I admit

Imagine this
Under the hot sun
Main hosts not that pro
Not being serious
Keep making mistake
Us so called "Yi Da Lok"
just standing behind and wait and wait and wait
under the HOT SUN

Who cares whose the hosts are
It's damn Hot wei!

Having a so-so great experience on a half day shooting

At the mean time
Half day not sitting in the office
and not doing what I am suppose to do
Wasting my time

No lah I am just being too sarcastic and bias lah
Overall the shooting session is really FUN
I mean it

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