Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick Post Before I'm Out =)

Hi peeps, Happy Chinese New Year!
I am very excited now as I am wearing my new clothes now~ Weeeeee =D

Before I go out having dinner with my gals, there's something I wanna share with all of you gals here! Guess what's that?
Make up? Facial products? Anything else?
Tee hee~ It's something like hair accessories!!

My dearest colleague Kelly found this very useful thingy in a magazine, it can be easily found in Japan, but not in Malaysia!
Still can't guess what is that?

In Chinese, we called it 玉米发夹, let's just called it Jagung Hair Clips =P
Let's have a good look at this Jagung Hair Clips

I got this from a shop called Yokoso Shikuya (Shikuyo?) which can be found in KL Pavilion. It's located same floor with the food court. You may find this shop while you are walking to the main door from food court, it should be on your left, opposite Speedy. Not sure whether it is a Speedy or not, it's a CDs/DVDs shop la. Besides, in front of Yokoso Shikuya(Shikuyo?) you may find a lot of kiosks in front of it!

There's another shop, Yokoso Japan, this one located in One Utama Shopping Complex. It's located at Old Wing, just right beside Sasa.

I think both shops are same one, but no idea why the name is different? Anyway, you may find a lot of amazing and time saving 扮靓靓 thingys in the shops!! You can't stop yourself from buying all the things in it! I personally heart the one in Pavilion. The space is bigger and more comfortable to shop.

Damn nice to use ler!!
I don't know the exact correct way to use it, to make sure the effect keeps longer, but for my own, I've tried few different ways, and my hair look absolutely volume up and look nice! =D

After washing my hair, I blow 100% dry my hair, then pick partly of my hair and clip them using this Jagung Hair Clips.
If I am rushing out, I will clip for around 10-15mins; If I clip it at night, I would just clip and go to sleep.
The result are absolutely the same! Of course, the overnight one will last longer.
If you wanna last longer and longer, you may apply some hair products on your hair first before you clip your hair. It will make the zig zag zig zag look nicer and last longer, from morning till night!!

Besides blowing your hair 100% dry, you may dry it 80% dry, then you may start clipping your hair using the Jagung Hair Clips. The 20% wet hair also will help to make the zig zag zig zag stay longer!

oh, my poor eye bag =(

See! I am doing it now! Can't wait to see the super nice result later!

Oh ya, the zig zag zig zag might look bigger than those you do in salon, but for me I think bigger nicer, it can really volume up the hair in a more natural way! Amazingly!!!
Apart from that, another reason I heart this Jagung Hair Clips so much is~ It won't make your hair looks dry and dead after 'zig zag-ing' your hair! I just heart it!! =D
Let me repeat myself... It just volume up your hair in a very natural way!!
Weeeeeee =D

The result!!
Looks too zig zag? Never mind, all I have to do now is use some water to tap on my hair. Then poof~
It will look just nice =D
Weeeeee =D

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