Friday, February 19, 2010


Before I end my day, I would love to write something, to memorize this very special night.
I thought, this CNY is a very boring one for me, but everything is worth after I had my night with my girls.
CL, CL & PSP =)

It's really wonderful that we can spent our night together before we all head back to the hectic working life.

Due to PSP's birthday is coming very soon, and I might not be around during that day, so I suggested to celebrate her birthday during our K session. I got two YES! So happy =P

I knew we all gave PSP a big surprise, but too bad the birthday cake came into our room in a sudden, and the stupid birthday song cut in sooooo slow!! We were all stunned and don't know what to do, or I shall say we don't know how to react to what's happening at that moment @.@

However, we are very spontaneous type of people, we managed to 'break' the awkward moment, tee hee =P

What I wanna memorize the most is, the sharing moment we had. It's really a very lovely and caring moment for me. I never thought that four of us could sit down and talk about all these things. I though CL might give us a very cold (cool?) answer by not giving much expression or reaction, but she DID!! To our surprise!!
As for PSP, I really felt like wanna slap her wake up =P
Really beh tahan with her pattern! Anyhow, wish she gets what she wants at the end la~
Good things for sure will come to us =D

CL, no worry, I am sure you can apply all the theories you heard tonight, sure you gonna use it one day =D

This is why I love sharing, it shows everyone's caring about each other =)

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  1. hope i m not too late to notice this post...
    it's really a sweet sweet night we had...
    but then..i am stil waiting the "drunk night" to come toward us...