Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can I...

not going work tomorrow?
I felt so superbly uncomfortable and suffering now. Running nose and breathing difficulty at the same time. Oh ya, coughing too...
I'm soooo sick, sick of my sick, sick of everything!!

The interview today was not bad, quite smooth. After all the introduction and explanation, I wish to have a try in the new company, I really do wish I have the chance to contribute there, as what they explained to me is something what I am looking for - an outgoing job!
Event management! Project coordinator!
Yea! And I will lost a lot of my privacy time... Give and take.

I've been staying in the comfort zone for almost 3 and a half years, it's time for me to go on and try something new. Can't deny it felt so hard to leave everything I have now, but I need to let go by now, if not I can never leave the company forever and ever. This is the 3rd time I have this intention to leave, I can't stay anymore! I must go if I have the chance now!
Hwee Ling, you need to move on! You know it very well that what you have now is not exactly what you want for your life!
You need Takeshi Kaneshiro! This is not a dream, it will come true! It will sure come true one day!! The day will come and I can feel it is coming very soon! *dreaming*

I can't sleep... How how how!!!
My body is not belonging to me now... I can't control it... Even medicine can't help me!
Can I not driving tomorrow? Anyone willing to drive me =p

I'm so tired now... Tired of everything... Can I just shaking my legs and ass at home for my entire life?
Ain't this a brilliant idea!! =D
I'm so smart! Even I'm sick but I'm still so smart!!


  1. 生病有沒有好點了啊?要好好照顧自己啦!!Get well soon!!

  2. 生病,还没好 =(
    好像好一点,又好像没有 =S