Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I miss You

I miss Monkey and Banana

I miss Shrek very cute hair band

I miss the moment where we all so kan cheong on the radio traffic report every morning

I miss the SMS every time when we stuck in the traffic jam

I miss the time where all of us keep updating each other with the traffic condition on different location

I miss the time when I'm following Monkey & Banana back

I miss everyone of you... Feel like wanna share with you gals all the ups and downs I'm having here, but it's weird when I see you gals face-to-face, every words just stuck at the edge of my mouth... Why huh??
It felt like I have so much waiting to tell, but at the end I didn't?

No matter what, I really miss all those days we've been together, spending all the nights together, those lovely sharing moment, keep supporting each other.

Wish can meet you gals very very soon!

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