Monday, October 10, 2011


Due to printing error on the flyer, I've became call centre for days... Since last week Tuesday I guess.
All the while it was ok... Alright... No crazy or ridiculous callers, therefore I have no problem in answering phone calls.
But today, received a call from a caller, quite a ridiculous man, or shall I say cakap tak faham-faham?! Sangat menyampah!
I've told him that during peak season the promotion is not available for traveling, but he hept nagging!
Hello mister! You first time booking hotel under a promotion packages or what?!
Of course all the traveling period won't offer you during peak season la! You need to take leave and bring your anak bini go holiday that's your problem!! None of my business!! Celaka!!
Now got free complimentary room for you 3days 2nights still bising-bising!
If you are not happy with the traveling period, then don't go la! Takda paksa pun!!