Thursday, April 16, 2015

Positive Energy

This time, at this hour... I should be already lying on my bed and sleep like a pig since 2 hours ago. 
But... I am not sitting here, typing all this potential negative energy wordings, and not doing the quarterly report that I am suppose to do. 

Have been so stressed up lately. Since we were back from the Chinese New Year holidays, I finally have the "chance" to sit down with my boss, and have a personal talk, like how we used to have before all the stress getting higher. 

I can't bear with any stress anymore, and my colleague was right. Among the three of us, I've dedicated the most to my works, but yet, I have to listen to all the scolding and shouting like others. Yes, I may have delayed my works, but I hope she could at least understand where all the delay comes from. 

I have only a pair of hand, and a brain. I am trying to turn myself like a sponge, trying to absorb as much as I could. Everyday, I've been trying hard to do my best. But, now that everyone has their own thing to do, why am I still so busy and get things delayed, I really have no idea. No? 

OK. Consumer is my part, but then such in a sudden why throw the trade ball to me? There is someone who is handling that part, why would you throw it to me just because you want it to be fast? OK, fine. I can follow up with some, but then, I will neglect my own tasks, as trade is the key collaboration now.  

Then, leading and guiding the new. Again, I have do my best to transfer whatever knowledge I have, and to spare as much time as I could. How much time and how many pair of hands that I could ask for to get all the things done. 

Not that I want to put the blame on anyone else, shouldn't we take care of our own area and do the best out of it?

I don't wish to put my hand into it, but sometimes when I see how the conversation going on between them and the agents, I am afraid. 

Yes, it's a fact that we all know the destination was famous for its gambling businesses. But, for our identity, we are not suppose to mention about that. Even though others are talking about it, we should pull them back and talk on the things that we would want to promote. Now, it is like misleading the direction to other topics. 

So, should I just let it be? Ignore it? Continue doing my own thing will do? 

But I can't. I've tried to convince myself, let it be, I will not lose anything. 
But I dislike it when people who are selling do not appreciate the destination as a good holiday destination. 

And.... why keep saying we do not have much activity for the group? 
We have so many international brand and integrated hotels, which provide huge ballroom or convention hall.... why.... why would she said the destination does not offer anything? 

How would the experienced look at us when they hear all this from us? 
Shocked for our shortage of knowledge? Are we crazy or what?
The destination is also known for its facility offers for the incentive and corporate. 
Or else, why so many exhibitions like to be organized there? 

Yes, because she worked for so long she already has a fixed mind. I have too, but I am trying to absorb new things. Don't know, ask. Or people will not know nor guess what I am thinking. Isn't it? 

Anyhow, I still do not know, care or just don't care. So complicated. 

I hope things will get better and better, even though we know this is a global situation. 

I said Positive Energy on my post, but I am more like to express my unsatisfactory and unhappiness at work here, now. 

I miss the gym now. I sweat so much yesterday I felt so great! Literally G.R.E.A.T! 

Positive Energy Auro 正能量. 

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