Monday, May 24, 2010

Just for Laugh

I think a standard 1 or kindergarten kid drawing is better than this =P

Anyhow, enjoy people! Hehe!
Photo Description:
Picture 1:
Joseph playing his PINKY laptop, 'expressionless'.
Gurly having her "simple" dinner.
Mac begging for food from Gurly.
Gurly watching 8TV News.

Picture 2:
Joseph continue with his 'expressionless' picture uploading in FB.
Gurly enjoying her 'simple' dinner while watching TV news. "Nom Nom Nom"
Mac still begging for food, as usual.

Picture 3:
Gurly very satisfied with her 'simple' dinner. A long burp. Bu~~~~~~~rp.
Joseph still 'expressionless' with his FB photo uploading about KL Design Week 2010. (lame, now only upload!)

Picture 4:
Gurly feel more satisfy with her dinner after the long burp. So she decided... "Time To Sleep =)"
Joseph, the 'expressionless' one... HUH??? @.@ with both eyes open wide in shock!
Mac, still begging for food even though Gurly said 'No More'.

Story END.
Thanks for watching =)


  1. I like it very much... because I'm the one who always do that, eat then sleep immediately...

  2. Chee Yuen: Yeah!! It feels so great to sleep immediately after having a good meal =P