Sunday, March 18, 2012

Something Sweet

You hold my hands while we are walking in the garden
I'm still there with you..... when you are not happy, crying or argueing....
I'm the one who compromise, hug, kiss you, tell jokes to make you happy
You are the one who bakes cakes , tidying the house while I'm busy building our business
Then I'll hug you to bed every night
Giving you morning kiss every morning
When you are not happy, I'm the one who hug you from the back, whispering into your ears, say the 3 little words
We will go through ups and downs in life
And we will go travel often, seeing the world
Leaving our footprints all over on the planet earth
I will carry you on my back when you are tired of walking
We will cry, smile, poke, nudge , laugh
Go through the sour, spicy, bitter, sweet of our life time