Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello Hello and still Hello

Wow, it has been a while since I last updated my blog. Like... Two months? The last post was posted on the 24th November 2012! Scary! 

My laptop has been certified "DEAD" since last year, this is why I have not updating my blog that 'often' (ya often and please don't compare the often now with my previous often, like a few posts a day lol)
I have all my photos inside the laptop, now I don't know whom should I seek for to rescue the photos. Yes, I just want all my photos, the laptop can throw it away after that lol

Oh, I think I forgot to 'officially' wish my blog a Happy New Year. Also to 'replace' Merry Christmas! Hahahahaahahaha

I have been very busy with my work lately. Well, no love life so put all my concentration on work (so pathetic =C). 
I'm truly very happy with what I am doing now, but also very... SUPER FUCKINGLY STRESS at work too. Three projects handling by my ownself...  Three projects running at the same time... Three projects deadline about the same. Seriously, how am I going to go through all these? I have NO IDEA AT ALL!
"Boat till port will straight itself" (direct translate due to no Chinese input.... WTFlower...)

I am very very very very very very thankful and grateful that I've been given a lot of opportunities at work, be it "personal" or "official", I am feeling very grateful that someone appreciates it and "use" it in a good way. Unfortunately, I know I am not ready yet, so sorry I have to reject it. I will surely take up the challenge again once I am ready! Anyhow, I am super happy that my hard-work and effort is being SEEN and appreciated! That's the most important thing for a staff. Kan?

Hmmm.... To be frank, I have been seeing a few person at the same time lol
Don't take it seriously, just to make friends and see how things work. 
Too bad, no good outcome lol 
Is that so difficult to find the one that makes your heart beats continuously (small deer simply bang, not heart attack); someone to make you smile when you think of him (not "fatt far din" smile tq); someone who cheers you up when you are down (not those crazy silly cold jokes where nobody feel funny only himself); someone who makes you blush (not by applying blusher on the cheek lol).... Is that so difficult?
Or am I just applying too much of criteria? 
I don't know, God knows @.@

Or maybe it's my problem? I am like... So negative keep remembering those unhappy stories instead of happy one. 
So, can I meet someone who is able to rub away all these ridiculous negative from my little vain brain and bring in all the positives to me? 

Above all that, I have some plannings here within myself.
I hope they can be achieve in the coming years. I didn't set any timeline for myself as I don't wish to stress myself (the current stress from work is more than enough to tear me down). 
Slowly planning with friend's support, some survey, some brainstorming sessions, some recce, some researches... Hope all this will rose and grow :) 

Dear Buddha, please give me extra strength to achieve all these :) 

I know I can do it! But please give me more courage =P

Ok. Till then.
It's late and I look old. 

My current resolution - LOSE WEIGHT!!!! 
Second resolution - Throw away a bad habit --> Keep makan when I am stress! NOOooooOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 

Good day to whoever read this,
Gurly HL